A Conscious & Sustainable Christmas

With Christmas in Australia contributing a minimum of 2,285,000 tonnes of greenhouse pollution, it’s definitely a time where we can all aspire to be more sustainable and conscious of bringing that amount down! It certainly can be challenging with so many different aspects to think of, from gift buying and decorations to food and more. If you feel overwhelmed, just start small… Every single conscious decision helps!

The art of gifting:

    • When buying gifts, less is more! If you’re gifting material items try to stick to just one gift that has more purpose and meaning… Or even better, give the gift of an experience ~ less waste and more memories!
    • If gifting clothes is on your list, look into more sustainable material options, like hemp or organic cotton… There are so many more choices on the shelves this days, which makes it much easier!
    • When finding products to gift, try and find brands with ethical and sustainable values… Support local, independent businesses wherever possible!

Christmas gatherings without the impact:

    • Try to source your meal celebration ingredients from the local farmers market ~ fresh ingredients straight from your local farmer add so much more flavour to your meals!
    • Choose organic wherever you can and select more plant based meals for the menu!
    • It’s tempting to ditch the ceramic plates when you’re hosting and use plastic or paper, but why not ask everyone to BYO crockery? Then you can save on wastage AND the washing up at the end of the day…win – win… yay ?!
    • Minimise food wastage and tell your guests to BYO containers so that they can fill it with any leftover goodies to enjoy the next day!

Remember, as always – reduce, reuse, recycle – wherever possible. Mother Earth and all her resources are precious gifts to value, respect, protect and nurture for generations to come.