Kahuna ~ a spiritual healing experience

Sink into this sacred ceremony and be gently guided to emotional vitality and mental clarity through a deep state of transformational relaxation. Kahuna…often described as a spiritual healing experience…powerfully combines creative and dynamic movement, dance, rhythm, breath, energy, and massage…honouring your body and soul.

Originating in Hawaii, this unique form of bodywork draws its origins from the ocean as it flows over and under the body, pulling and pushing your energy. The flowing hula and tai-chi style movements can be intense and strong, or calming and nurturing, allowing your body, mind, and spirit to receive the healing it truly needs. 

Through rhythmic flow, vibrant energy, and deeply grounding relaxation, your therapist uses hands, forearms and elbows in long fluid movements, running from head to toe, encompassing your whole being. Applying both soft and deep tissue massage techniques, your two-hour journey is both a deeply nurturing and therapeutic experience. 

As high vibrations are felt throughout your body, the powerful, spiritual healing experience of Kahuna allows you to let go of deep-rooted blockages, regain balance and awareness, generate new energy, and reset the mind. The cleansing flow of new energy created throughout the journey not only energises your body but reveals an inner sense of peace, profound joy, and freedom. 

Kahuna is truly something to be experienced…and what better way than on your stay with us amongst the healing beauty of Gaia! 

Ua ola loko i ke aloha ~ Love gives life within.

Mel, Gaia Day Spa Manager