A message from the Gaia team

Olivia Newton-John touched the hearts of so many around the world, including each and every one of us in her beloved Gaia Family. 

Olivia was an icon, powerhouse, and star – but here in the Gaia Community, she will forever be remembered for her dedication to wellness, natural healing, and her belief in the healing power of Mother Earth, which has so profoundly helped and will continue to help so many. 

Olivia was one of the early pioneers to call the beautiful Northern Rivers her “Heart Home”. As Gaia’s story began organically, inspired by friendship dreams, and synchronicity, it became something we often find difficult to put into words. The heartbeat of our healing sanctuary embodies the magic of Mother Nature, and carries the grace, gratitude, and positive energy of its visionaries. Today we say thank you. 

Thank you for creating something so special, and so powerful. We are so grateful to be able to continue your dream, which we will do in your honour with the love and light you gave to all of us. Your presence remains and continues to inspire each of us as we reflect on your strength, wisdom, humanity, kindness, and devotion to helping people. 

We send our deepest love and condolences to Gaia’s Co-Founder and Olivia’s “Bestie” Gregg Cave, and his partner Rod, along with fellow Co-Founders Ruth Kalnin and Warwick Evans. 

To Olivia’s daughter Chloe, husband John, and extended family, you are in our hearts, and we send you our collective love from the healing heart of Gaia. 

To the Gaia community, we join you in celebrating Olivia and all she achieved in her incredible life and will forever honour her genuine, grounding, effervescent spirit in all that we do. 

And to Olivia, thank you for all that you were and all that you are. May you rest in peace and surrender. 

“When I first stood upon the land that has become Gaia’s home, I knew it was a very special place. On the highest point, I felt an incredible energy – it was so powerful. Looking out at the amazing view across the rolling hills to Byron Bay, with so much sky, the hilltop felt like a spinning vortex of energy, so we named it Samira Lookout after the God of the wind and breeze” – Olivia Newton-John.

~Olivia and her family have requested donations to be made to her charity, the Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund, in her memory instead of flowers.

Friends and Co-Founders Gregg Cave, Ruth Kalnin, Olivia Newton-John and Warwick Evans.

“The land holds such a strong spirit of Mother Earth, of Gaia, and we all felt it” ~ Olivia.