Beauty from the inside out

We’ve all heard it before and deep down we know it, so why don’t we use our most powerful and rejuvenative beauty tool properly? Are we too wired from a stressful day? Do we need to take a leaf out of our earliest book of experiences and re-learn how to settle ourselves to sleep?

The quality of sleep we get is undoubtedly a direct reflection of our health, mood, productivity and appearance. Deep sleep is crucial for physical renewal, hormonal regulation and growth. Without deep sleep, you’re more likely to get sick, feel depressed and gain an unhealthy amount of weight.

When you sleep, your body does a lot more than simply rest. In fact, hours spent dozing are when the skin (the body’s largest organ) works to regenerate and repair your skin cells. Studies have shown that a lack of sleep can speed up the ageing process. In a perfect world, 8 hours of undisturbed sleep would be the ideal and going to sleep before 10pm. That is when the body’s biological clock wants to start processes such as toxin elimination and cellular/tissue rejuvenation – going to bed later than 11pm can inhibit these processes from being carried out fully.

So how do we get the most out of the sleep that we do get . . .?

  •   Avoid caffeine – coffee, tea and caffeinated drinks/sweets (yes that means chocolate!) 8 hours before bedtime.
  •   Unclutter your mind before nodding off. Write a list to do the next day, write it down (stop worrying about it), meditate – we love ‘candle gazing’ (see the how to below), don’t watch TV or use a computer for at least an hour before bedtime.
  •   Darken the room completely. Your brain creates a hormone called melatonin that senses when it’s dark out and primes you for sleep.
  •   Sleep in a restful environment. Make sure the room is quiet – turn your phone to silent, or better yet, SWITCH IT OFF!

How to candle gaze . . .

  •   Light a candle and sit in a comfortable posture to gaze at the flame
  •   Take a few deep breaths and gaze at the flame
  •   Keep focused on the flame and clear your mind of any thoughts. It may help to imagine you are exhaling the thoughts out with your breath
  •   Practice for at least 5minutes and gradually work up to 10minutes
  •   When your head does hit the pillow try to visualise the flame and keep that sense of calm so you can drift off into peaceful & deep sleep

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Sweet Dreams!