Inaugural Farm-to-Table Culinary Retreat

We proudly hosted our inaugural culinary retreat in late July, immersing guests from near and far in Gaia Retreat’s farm-to-table experience. Our collaboration with Non Beverages brought a creative touch, with carefully curated wine pairings enhancing the experience. 

Our culinary retreat was a true celebration of the senses…with our flourishing garden gifting our talented chef’s a bounty of seasonal produce, all complemented by Non Beverages ‘alcohol-free pairings.

From refreshing Raspberry and Chamomile to robust Pear & Kombu, the beverages enhanced each course. Assistant Restuarant Manager, Andrea shared her thoughts on the evening’s success. “The event was a triumph of camaraderie, celebrating Gaia Retreat’s abundant produce and our culinary team’s skill. The meal journeyed through intricate dishes, ingredient complexities, and the joy of shared experiences”. Guests revelled at the range of non-alcoholic options, with the light, plant-based palate elevating garden-fresh flavours.

Moderation was key, enabling exploration and sharing. Favourite pairings emerged throughout the evening, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Notable highlights included Gaia Forage Honey-glazed radish, South West Rocks Kingfish with kohlrabi, apple & wasabi, and grilled butterflied chicken with kumquat & buckwheat, allenhanced by Non Beverages pairings.

A Saturday night finale featured Pear & Kombu alongside parsnip and date pudding, a delightful conclusion. Due to overwhelming praise, the Pear & Kombu pairing now graces our seasonal wine list. We eagerly await the opportunity to host your culinary journey, whether as a Day Spa guest or during your retreat.

Wishing you a season of culinary delights and shared moments,

Andrea, Rodrigo, and the Restaurant Team.