Embark on Gaia’s ‘Forage & Graze’ Adventure

Experience the new ‘Forage and Graze’ adventure as a Gaia Retreat Organic Gardener.

Witness our garden’s inner workings, from harvest to chef’s table, with hands-on involvement and a delightful tasting to follow..

Gaia Retreats Forage & Graze Part 1:

Discover our exciting ‘Forage and Graze’ experience, an extension of our popular ‘Forage’ group activity walks. Prepare to wander into organics and our paddock-to-plate philosophy. We are now offering exclusive private classes for individuals, couples, and groups, so you can truly embody a Gaia Retreat organic gardener.

Tailor the experience to your interests or fitness level. As you can select activities such as harvesting, planting, egg collecting, and more. Plus, explore organic principles, pest management, composting, and the significance of seasonal planting in our unique Northern Rivers microclimate.

The class also includes foraging to appreciate our produce and concludes with a private ‘graze’ session, where you’ll craft delectable dishes with our renowned chef’s. Share our passion for organics as you reconnect with nature. 

Yours in food & love,

Cam and Luke Gaia Retreat’s Organic Gardening Team.