Flow into the new year with a sense of serenity…

The element of water… symbolising softness, flexibility, femininity, and transition…is a powerful source of gentle yin energy. As many of us gather around garden pools and the incredible Australian coastlines throughout the holiday season…let us embrace the opportunity we have to use water to realign our bodies, build strength, and create balance and harmony within.

We are so excited to introduce Aqua Aerobics to Gaia’s Retreat Activity Schedule for guests seeking to improve cardiovascular fitness levels while having fun and socialising in a serene, nurturing, outdoor environment.

Gaia’s outdoor saltwater pool is set to 27 degrees, providing a comfortable exercise temperature all year round. Ideal for injury management and prevention, Aqua Aerobics incorporates core, cardio, and muscle-strengthening sequences using water as light resistance against the push and pull motions. With effective cross-training and a variety of workout styles, guests can incorporate more challenging and complex moves without heavy impact on the joints or strain on the body.

Nestled amongst our tranquil sub-tropical gardens, our saltwater pool is gentle on the eyes and skin and can be incorporated into your personal spa routine when paired with our traditional detoxifying sauna and outdoor hot tub.

No matter where you are this holiday season…if you find yourself pool-side or sea-side, linger a little longer to embrace the healing energy and cleansing qualities of water. Refresh your body and relax your mind as you flow into the new year with a sense of calm, serenity, and peace.

Love from us all at the Gaia Day Spa xo

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