Full Body Workout For The Outdoors

With the hot weather approaching, we can start to feel sluggish and low on energy, but it’s so important to maintain our fitness throughout the Summer months. It’s a beautiful time to take your workout outdoors in the early morning or late evenings – enjoy the Summer breeze and take in the beautiful nature that surrounds you.

Creating time for at least 1 full-body strength and conditioning workout each week is essential to maintain our strength, which is so important as our muscle volume decreases as we age. Strength training also increases our bone density, which helps prevent osteoporosis. I’ve put together the following full-body strength and conditioning program, which is perfect for the outdoors as there’s no equipment required. Try to challenge yourself by scheduling this in 2-3 times a week!

Warm Up:

10 minute walk or jog


10-15 Reps X 3-5 Rounds of each exercise



Tricep Dips

Push Ups


Cool Down:

Full Body Stretch followed by 5 minutes
of Pranayama (conscious breathing)

The more regularly you complete this workout, the easier it will become and morph into a nice regular exercise habit for you!

Someone that really inspired me recently was Jane. When my 70 year old client Jane started working out, she found some of the exercises quite difficult. She was only able to completed 2 repetitions with little balance and strength. After consistently working on a tailored program with me for 3 months, however, Jane started to add reps each week, stayed on track with a healthy supportive diet and soon achieved 15 repetitions and even started to add some extra weight…yay!


Gaia’s Head Fitness & Wellness Coach

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