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Naturopathy in Autumn – with Grace Hawkins, Head Naturopath.

“Autumn is upon us and as we head into the cooler months it’s important to prepare your body system for the change in weather. Often known as the time of the lungs and the large intestine in traditional Chinese medicine, Autumn is a great time to boost up the immune system and support these major organs.

The lungs love fresh air, exercise and oxygen! So don’t forget to practise some deep breathing techniques that take your breath right down into the bottom part of your lungs daily to ensure that you are getting a fresh supply of enriched oxygen to help feed those lungs.

Gaia Organics – with Campbell Rowe, Organic / Garden Chef .

Well, Autumn has arrived and we are very much looking forward to some cooler months and the opportunity to start planning our Autumn and winter garden beds. We are phasing out our summer crops of beans, eggplant and tomatoes and moving into peas, brassicas, beetroot, baby carrots, rocket, Asian greens and lettuces. We will also soon be harvesting our turmeric beds, which will keep us stocked up for our famous Gaia winter tonic.

In these early autumn months ensure that you provide plenty of support to seedlings with additions of seawood or fish emulsion sprays to replace nitrogen loss through regular heavy rains. Also be aware to provide adequate shade initially as the days can still be very hot.

Remember to check a planting guide for your region, as this will help guide you as to the suitability of certain crops at this time of year.
Happy gardening!!


“A squeeze of Lemon or lime in warm water each morning is a fantastic anti-oxidant to keep the body tidy!! Digestion improves, heart burn is reduced and it helps in the process of elimination”