Health & Wellness Tips for Autumn


As the leaves begin to fall, we are gently reminded of the importance of letting go, to invite new growth… growth that will bring on great resilience and strength.

When it comes to your health, this may entail clearing some habits that are blocking you from optimising the overall health of your mind and body.

Here are some tips for creating beneficial new habits and inviting internal growth with the seasonal change:

  • Choose a month to reduce your meat intake, this may mean you focus on a seafood based diet, or plant-based alternatives. The benefits of this reduction will lower inflammation in the body, reduce weight, take the pressure off the liver and encourage mental well-being.
  • Begin each morning with a steady walk to kick your metabolic rate into gear and improve energy production dramatically by bringing more oxygen to the cells.
  • Eliminate or lower any artificial sugars and replace them with fruit sugars. This will increase nutrient intake, restore the liver and relax the body and mind.

Aim on eliminating at least one habit that you know is not serving your highest good and focus on releasing this in order to invite and develop new habits. Your body and mind will receive the love it deserves!

Gaia’s Head Naturopath


Day Spa

Just in time for the change of seasons, we are thrilled to introduce some new Treatments and Spa Packages to our Spa Menu. We have been overwhelmed with the amazingly positive feedback received from our guests thus far.

Introducing our Sole to Soul Foot Ritual, a luxurious 60 minute treatment ritual of selfcare and nurturing for your feet. This uniquely designed journey includes a soak and exfoliation as well as a nourishing foot masque and foot massage using authentic techniques. Aromatherapy oils will enhance your reconnection to your senses and evoke a balance between your body & mind.

May your feet take you where your heart wants to go.”

To prolong this journey of surrender, you can choose to combine the Sole to Soul Foot Ritual  with our new Hands to Heart Session (which is the Touch of Gaia Package – 2hrs)… Allowing yourself to experience an unforgettable journey as you enjoy a variety of rituals and layers of luxury from ‘head to toe’.

The deluxe Hands to Heart Session is a hand, arm and décolletage treatment. Beginning with a gentle exfoliation to restore your skin texture, the hand and arm massage will release tension and a cocoa butter masque completes the story of full nourishment and hydration.

For Day Spa treatments of 90min and more, you will receive complimentary use of all Spa facilities including the pool, hot-tub and sauna nestled in our luscious rainforest surroundings. Turn your Spa Treatment into a day of rejuvenation to reset your mind, body & soul.

Gaia’s Day Spa Manager