Labour of LOVE! Embracing joy in the simple things in LIFE…

We are super excited to share with you some of our new developments in the Gaia gardens. We have finally finished our chicken run and have welcomed 21 gorgeous hens now roaming under the trees in our orchard. It’s been a real labour of love preparing their home, made more special by the addition of seven of my old hens. 

It’s going to be an amazing place for them to live out their lives, and it’s been really interesting to see how the team and guests have responded to them. It’s not unusual to see guests leaning over the gate talking to them, or the team sitting amongst them scattering some little treats.

The chickens are a part of an ongoing development of what will be our food trail,
creating an amazing walk for our guests and team, from the mushroom forest to
the orchards and further up to the extensive flower beds and beehives (yes…our
bees are arriving this week!!). With this project nearing completion, we look
forward to you experiencing a little of what we are lucky enough to do on a
daily basis. I personally feel very blessed to be able to work in this field,
growing food for our culinary team to work their magic and sharing insights
along the way.

So many of our guests at Gaia seek time out from their busy city lives and find great value in experiencing a different way of living…even if for a short time. These latest additions around our grounds have been intentionally designed to
encourage everyone to make small changes in their daily routines…to adopt a
healthy mindset around food, nutrition, and how we nourish our bodies.

But it’s not only about the food…we truly value the process…which we believe is a
wonderful way to create some balance in life. Spending time in the garden,
nurturing crops, and patiently waiting for them to harvest is a rewarding and
joyful way to strengthen our connection to the food we eat and its incredible 
source…Mother Nature. Time away from devices and daily distractions, substituted with fresh air, sunshine and time with animals has immense effects on our wellbeing. Soothing stress, anxiety, nervous tension and fatigue are just a few of the wonderful benefits.

We look forward to seeing you in the garden soon and hope to inspire some of your own projects and passions at home in the meantime.

With food and love
Gaia’s Boutique Organic Farmer