Longing for the healing touch

As the restrictions lift around the country, our Gaia Spa team have been eagerly preparing for guests to return. We have reshaped our beautiful range of Gaia Signature Treatments that will give you abundant amounts of warmth and care you may need after a confronting start to 2020.

There is one thing we have learnt from recent times, and that’s how important touch is for our wellbeing. Touch is a basic need for us humans to thrive and we understand that our guests will be aching for a massage from our skilled therapists, who apply the upmost care and sensitivity in each treatment.

Here at Gaia Spa, your health and safety are first and foremost. We would like to assure you that our team is working tirelessly to go beyond the highest possible standards of hygiene and safety, and we have been fine tuning all our procedures to align with these standards. Every member of staff has been fully trained and briefed on how to offer the best quality of care to you. We allow more time and schedule less guests in the Spa to provide ample space for each individual. Gifting you with our calm and relaxed atmosphere is one of our highest priorities.

We offer a range of treatments, even if you have a compromised immune system, adding to the luxury time out and relaxed healing during your stay. Depending on your intention, you can choose from a tailored PT, Pilates, or Yoga & Meditation class, to a Shamanic Healing, Tarot & Astrology reading or kick start your internal systems with Acupuncture and a Naturopath consultation.

A gentle reminder as Winter sets in, hydration is critical right now for the largest organ of our body – the skin. Along with drinking plenty of water, we use our local cold pressed macadamia oil in our treatments, providing a year-round Byron Bay glow.

You may have never looked at yourself so much in these past few months, after all the zoom, Facetime and Skype meetings you may have attended! We have had requests pouring in from both men and women to book their nourishing facials that can polish and plump the delicate skin on the face and neckline, using our award-winning Retreatment Botanics skincare range. This might not have been something you have noticed before, but as we’ve been forced to look at ourselves from the inside-out, we realise that one of the most important things in our lives is our health. As self-care becomes priority you may like to rejuvenate your face and reveal that youthful glow, as you reenter the outside world again.

Mel & Therapists

Gaia’s Day Spa Manager


PS: To make extra Spa Treatment bookings with your Retreat Package, please call our Day Spa team on 02 6687 1670 or email: dayspa@gaiaretreat.com.au

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