Magic of the Crystal Journey

You may wonder why many people use different types of crystal rocks to help them achieve a goal in a variety of ways. Perhaps to make more money, find a lover, calm down ‘negative’ energy, or help to heal an unwell part of the body. This practice is quite common. Is there any sound basis for this belief, you may ask?

Modern science agrees on the unique power crystals hold, in a variety of ways.

Always revered as useful tools by ancient cultures, modern technology began using crystals for electronic applications early in the 20th century. Many types of crystals have piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties, which have, in simple terms, the ability to convert, transmit, store and amplify any energy applied to them. This has made these crystals very useful for many technological applications, from early crystal radio sets, to gramophone needles, to today’s ultrasound, computer and digital communications technologies.

All energy operates at its own specific frequency. According to many researchers, intention also carries a frequency. You may be familiar with Professor Masuro Emoto’s work whereby he photographed ice crystals that came from different sources and exposed them to varying intentions and energies. As a simple example, he found that a happy intention over water as it freezes influences a beautiful ice crystal and likewise an angry intention creates a malformed, ugly one. An unassuming experiment with a profound impact. Our intention does indeed influence matter, as has now also been proven in quantum physics.

How can we best utilize this crystal magic?

Well, we know our intention carries influential frequency and we know crystals can amplify frequency. Many researchers and healers who have worked with crystals over time have documented how the nature of the type of crystal itself influences the nature of the energy it transmits or amplifies – meaning, it adds its own signature frequency to the energetic information frequency it is processing.

This helps to explain the science behind a therapist using different types of crystals in a treatment to help you achieve specific beneficial effects. Are you ready to experience the potential it holds for yourself?

With great anticipation and excitement Gaia now offers a brand new treatment to explore the potential of harnessing the power of crystals : The Crystal Journey. Please call our friendly Day Spa team on +61 (0)2 6687 1216 for enquiries and bookings, or email:

The Crystal Journey treatment vibrates with the intention to stimulate your body’s natural healing and balancing process to achieve your personal-best optimum health. It also carries the intention to stabilise your energy field and harmonise your physical, mental and emotional aspects enabling you to feel calm, inspired and empowered.

A profoundly relaxing experience and sometimes indeed, other-worldly, your therapist combines massage with amplified crystal frequency. By working the crystals themselves over your body during the gentle and slowly synchronized massage, deep relaxation and surrender are achieved. Warmed gemstone infused macadamia oil and Chakra* balancing essential oils are also used within your treatment. The welcome foot bath and pre-treatment focus rituals, with an optional Reiki** addition, all enhance the result you can achieve within this carefully crafted experience.

But remember the importance of intention. Always formulate your best possible intentions when working with crystals, you want them to amplify the best content for you. The clearer and more precise our focus on the positive outcomes we would like to achieve from our Gaia Crystal Journey, or anytime we are working with crystals for an energetic result, the greater our chances of achieving, or surpassing our goal – with that little bit of help from our (crystal) friends.

*Chakras: the seven major energetic vortices in the human body

**Reiki: a method of one person focusing on another and through touch enabling the most   beneficial energies to be imparted to the recipient.

Blissed out with crystal magic…enjoy!

Your Gaia Spa Team

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