Mind, Body & Soul… Kickstart the new year with energy, clarity & intention…

Invest in yourself with our newly designed Mind, Body & Soul experience. This powerful New Year program takes you on an incredible journey of manifestation to live the life you truly desire, in alignment with your personal values, goals and aspirations.

You will be gently guided by our team of experts to consciously plan each day before it even gets started and live with mindfulness, awareness, and clear intention.

Designed to break old habits, clear stagnant energy, and assist you in setting new daily routines which serve you and guide you toward your optimum trajectory, this program will welcome a new lease on life, arming you with some valuable tools to move closer to achieving your dreams.

Mind, Body & Soul inclusions…

~ 1-hour Personal Training Session OR Yoga OR Pilates One-on-One
~ 90-minute 90-minute Human Design Consultation OR Astrology Session
~ 90-minute 90-minute Kahuna Treatment OR Energetic Healing Session
~ 30-minute Breathwork & Guided Manifesting Meditation which can use as a daily practice

Mind, Body & Soul benefits…

~ Understand aspects of your true nature and behavioural patterns by exploring your Human Design OR your Astrological Chart.

~ Set daily routines to include physical movement techniques and practices to boost your energy, build your strength and lift your spirit ~ with the guidance of your one-on-one Yoga/Pilates facilitator or Personal Trainer.

~ Release old energy and calm your nervous system through a deeply nurturing Kahuna treatment OR Energetic Healing session in Gaia’s award-winning Day Spa.

~ Learn simple breathing techniques to ground, center, and focus your mind and calm your nervous system… and practice a guided manifestation meditation which you can repeat daily to inspire positivity and release limiting thought patterns.

How the Mind, Body & Soul program works…

Like all Gaia Retreat & Spa Focus Add-On programs…Mind, Body & Soul is available to guests staying for five or seven nights (Refresh or Restore Package). In addition to Gaia’s signature package inclusion, your individually tailored Mind, Body & Soul sessions will be scheduled to ensure you enjoy a deeply inspiring, relaxing, and rejuvenating retreat experience.

What experience do you need to have…

Absolutely none! Mind, Body & Soul is individually tailored to suit all levels of physical ability, health status, and spiritual connection. Whether it be an introduction to a new way of thinking and being, or an opportunity to enhance your current skills taking your focus and discipline to the next level…this program will provide you with achievable goals and techniques to improve your overall wellbeing.  

So…for those of us who are serious about reaching our goals and living our dreams, this may be just the thing for you to kick-start the new year and step into 2023 with new energy, clear intentions, and an inspired spirit. 

To secure your Mind, Body & Soul experience simply contact our Guest Services team on (02) 6687 1216 or email info@gaiaretreat.com.au. Gift Certificates are available.