Mind Your Body

The Practice of Yoga Nidra – with Danielle Davis, Head Yoga instructor.

With warm weather activities and Easter coming up take some quiet time each day away from phones and computers where you won’t be disturbed. Sitting or lying down with your eyes closed spend 10-15 minutes observing your breath. Starting with your head work your way slowly thru the body breathing and relaxing into each part of your body, letting any tension or stress drift away. When you reach your feet gently glide your breath back over your body making sure there are no points of tension left and if there are once again just breath into these “hot spots” and let it all go. Be a human being not a human doing!

Autumn Fitness – Damien Schofield, Health and Fitness Coach.

Keep moving in the cooler months. As we transition from the heat of summer to cooler mornings and shorter days it’s harder to keep motivated. Try Joining a group class or find a training buddy and inspire each other and all people around you. Try it!