Mindful Meditation…The Breath & The Wind

Becoming mindful is the first step to cultivating health and wellbeing. One way of practicing mindfulness is to embrace the power of Mother Nature and allow the natural forces of earth’s elements to guide you toward a sense of inner peace.

The element of wind/air is believed to encourage energetic expansion, relieve tension in our bodies and minds, and inspire freedom in thoughts and actions.

By focusing on the essential element of air during a Wind Meditation…we can reconnect to ourselves by embracing our surroundings and sinking with the natural flow of energy. 

Join us for a Wind Meditation…  

Walk outside and begin by centering with your breath. Inhale the life-giving force, allow it to fill your lungs, and then release it into the breath of nature…the wind. If you cannot access the wind right now, you can recall times when the wind has caressed your skin. You might recall a memory at Gaia, as you were standing on the highest point of our breathtaking grounds…Samira Lookout…overlooking the hinterland in all her grace and glory. Take a deep breath in as you remember the feeling of the warm wind on your face.

Breathe in with awareness of nature’s symphony of sounds around you…the birds crooning amongst the trees and the leaves as they rustle in the breeze. Allow these sounds evoked by the wind, to bring both your body and mind into a grounding state of stillness.

As these memories enliven your senses, feel the vital force that surrounds us daily. Allow your gaze to pause on the trees as they sway with nature’s rhythm. As the wind delicately soothes our souls and calms the nervous tension held in our bodies, we are reminded of Mother Nature’s great power. In a rush, a gust of wind can silence all sound, leaving us in a moment to focus inwards to the drumming of our beating hearts.

Wind can arouse the inanimate to dance and whirl gracefully. We can entrust the wind to carry our voices and best wishes to the world, knowing they will be carried to their perfect destination. Releasing these precious offerings to the wind’s care, we remember that nature’s power is as close as our breath, and we breathe deeply once again before returning to the world around us.