Nurturing Autumn Skin Rituals

Cooler winds are upon us and nights are getting a little chilly. It’s just lovely seeing the seasons change and allow the extra space for other parts be more active in our lives. Cooler weather has been shown to aid in concentration and keep us more alert. It’s also a good time for warming drinks, spa baths, staying in and added romance. But what about our skin? The cooler, less humid weather, overly hot baths and hanging out too long in dry, stuffy indoor environments can deprive our complexion of moisture and wreak a bit of havoc on our protective layer. Here are top tips for nurturing skin survival home rituals during the seasonal change.

Beauty starts on the inside

Important remember – Drink Water! Even though the weather is cooler, you should still be drinking your 6-8 glasses of water a day, even though the weather is cooler! Keep a bottle of water by your desk or in your bag and refill it throughout the day. If you need something hot to warm up after a cold day, choose a caffeine-free herbal tea.
Also, nourish yourself with nutrient rich berries, which are high in antioxidants and promote the production of collagen.

Change Cleanser

During the drier, colder months a harsh cleanser can do more harm than good when used regularly, especial when using with hot water for washing the face. Many cleansers are full of surfactants and foaming agents, which disrupt the skin barrier and are irritants, which can make the skin more inflamed. Until very recently, cleansers have been marketed to “remove excess oil” or “unclog oily pores,” so it’s no surprise that changing your cleanse to a creamier cleansing method prompts some scepticism. In fact, cream cleansers keep your skin hydrated while still removing dirt, excess oil and debris.


With decreasing sun exposure some believe it’s safer to exfoliate, and it is. However, we must always remember that no matter how low our sun exposure, after exfoliation our skin is bare and more stripped of its natural protection. This is healthy from time to time because it removes dead skins cell and encourages the growth of new ones. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, it also helps with unclogging pores, prevention of black heads and the appearance of enlarged pores. Keeping that in mind, over exfoliation can be a cause of dryness and inflammation. Use a light plant-based exfoliator as needed but no more than twice a week. Protect you skin by always using sunscreen and a moisturiser after any exfoliation, in all weather conditions.

Oil Based Serum

Our skins have been shown to absorb oil better than water. Oil based serums are a great luminous way to protect your skin as they create a barrier from pollution, UV damage, and dry environments – which makes them perfect for a changing weather. They can be great for all skin types, even ones prone to acne and oil. Don’t be afraid to mix oils with oily or acne prone skin. A lot of guests with oily skin say, “I have oily skin and I dislike the feeling of it on my skin so why would I add more?” This isn’t a battle of oils vs. oils. It’s about creating balance! By combatting your overproduction of oil with oils that contain a non-comedogenic (non-clogging) rating, you can create harmony of happy skin.

Oil based serums contain skin superfoods, a variety of botanic and essential oils and can be used either day or night depending on when your skin needs more moisture. If you tend to be on the dry side or have dry patches, using this type of serum both day and night may be best. If you want a more luminous look add a couple drops to your moisturiser or foundation to ensure glowing skin that lasts all day!


Put your light summer lotion away in a cupboard, because you’re not going to need it for a few months. You need something extra to protect you against that colder wind. This is the time to enrich with a highly conditioning and nourishing face moisturiser, you can tell the difference from a light moisturiser usually by the skin butter – Cocoa and Shea. These give great nurture to the skin with vitamins A, E, D & essential fatty acids and also create the wanted protective layer that could help the Serum lock in and keep our skin from dryness.

Lip Balm

Chapped lips are an ongoing problem throughout the cooler seasons. Whether they’re dry, peeling, sore or cracked, you’ll find yourself reaching for the lip balm more than ever. Moisturise your lips using coconut oils, or any natural toxin free lip balm.

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