Sacred Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony

As we enter the coldest season, we naturally want to nourish ourselves with home care rituals, such as face masques, warm soaking baths, reading a good book or relaxing under the blankets with a herbal tea.

One ritual we love at the Spa is our at home Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony to start our day with a sprinkle of Magic.

Ceremony traditionally involves creating a sacred space, setting an intention, and allowing an energetic process to unfold around that intention to aid in any transformational shifts you may be working towards.

Follow our guide below to create your own sensory journey with a cacao ceremony at home.


1.  The ritual of creating a sacred space.

This can be any place where you feel safe, created by your intent for the purpose of ceremony, ritual, healing, and even self-expression. This can be a dedicated space in your garden, anywhere in your home, or a beautiful space on the beach or in the park. Simply choose the place where you feel most comfortable to prepare for your ritual.


2. Prepare the Cacao.

We like to blend our Cacao powder with hot water and stir in our favourite milk until the blend is thick and creamy.


3. Set your intention or let something go.

Choose which one you wish to focus on, how are you currently feeling?

Intention setting: Is there anything you wish to commit to or accomplish on your journey in life? E.g. I intend to forgive others, and myself / I intend to love unconditionally / I intend to have an amazing day today.

Letting go: A wonderful shamanic practice to let go of anything that no longer serves you well, is to write this down on a piece of paper, use a red string (the colour red is used in many cultures to help with releasing, letting go and freeing yourself of limiting beliefs) to tie this piece of paper to a wooden stick and get ready to say farewell by burning the stick in a fire (step 5).


4. Meditation, affirmation and gratitude.

Before drinking your cacao,  hold the cacao in your hands, smell the cacao, feel the energy of the cacao and take the time to thank the rain and soil that cultivated the cacao plant, the hands that picked and dried the beans, the clean water which we have to drink. Reaffirm your intention now, or follow the letting go ritual on your next step.


5. Drink and taste the cacao.

Allow the energy of cacao and your intuition to take you where you need to go,  allowing the cacao to enhance the experience that is meant for you. If you are letting go of something, now is the time to place your stick in a fire and focus on how you will feel once all that no longer serves you is burned away.

*Please remember to always keep fire safety regulations in mind when preparing for a letting go ceremony. This is best only done where you have access to a safe and secure fire place. 


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