Skin Hydration Tips

The days are getting shorter, and the temperatures are starting to drop.

Our skin often needs an extra dose of hydration during this change of season… and we are pleased to share some of our Autumn skin care tips to help replenish and balance your skin, and give it some extra love and attention as the cooler months draw upon us.

A full body exfoliation is a wonderful way to remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation, particularly when the summer sun, chlorine and salt may have left your skin feeling dry, flaky and dull.  To revive your complexion and nourish your body, we recommend a full body scrub with powerful natural ingredients (nonaggressive natural exfoliants like our Volcanic Rock and Native Wattle Seed Polish, which we use in house, are a good start to get rid of excess dead cells), to help purify, hydrate, promote lymphatic drainage and smooth your skins appearance. The skin that covers our bodies is approximately five times thicker than that of our facial skin, therefore a good polish, scrub or exfoliation can leave your skin feeling healthier, renewed, soft and velvety, ensuring it is ready to absorb all of the beautiful natural lotions that you can now pamper it with.

To complement and enhance your exfoliating treatment, the ideal skin booster involves an enhancing and intense hydrating body masque. Here at the Gaia Day Spa, we use a Cocoa butter masque which creates a protective barrier that holds in moisture and prevents your skin from drying. The Cocoa butter smells divine and feels rich and luxurious on your skin… completing the ultimate nourishing body-care ritual.

Our ‘Byron Bay Dream’ spa package is the ideal treatment to restore your skin and prepare for the winter months. It includes a full body polish, body masque, full body massage and scalp massage.

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