Sound and Ceremony ~ The power of Sound Healing

The healing potential of sound has been implemented in ceremony amongst native communities throughout the world for thousands of years. The science of sound healing is formed on the basis that everything in its most basic form is simply vibration.

Using the vibrational frequencies of various instruments to restore the body’s energy and encourage deep rest and relaxation…we guide you to gently melt away from your current level of brain activity into a place where you can let go, majestically tranquilise…and begin to heal.

Based on two principles…that different emotions vibrate at different levels…and that blocked, unexpressed or buried emotions are the main source of disease, this powerful form of holistic therapy has the ability to heal both physical and emotional conditions and ailments.

With a broad umbrella of many different styles, Gaia’s Sound Healing program offers something for everyone from those seeking relief from conditions such as depression, anxiety and PTSD…to those wanting to deepen, or even begin, their spiritual awakening.

As we see the proliferation of increasingly esoteric meditation-based therapies which offer unlimited potential for healing…Sound Healing is perfect for those whose minds can’t fully ‘switch off’ during meditation as it allows an effortless transition of brainwave activity, from the conscious state of beta to the meditative state of alpha or theta.

Similarly, it is the perfect activity for those who may have mobility limitations. Simply show up and surrender to the harmonious and restorative sound healing experience and offer your nervous system a chance to reset…leaving you feeling recharged, rebalanced and reconnected to self.