Tone Up and Centre

As Australia’s fastest-growing fitness activity – Yoga has many layers of health benefits, reaching far beyond the physical exercise realm.

New studies are regularly revealing a growing array of positive effects particularly in the areas of high blood pressure, diabetes, pain management, weight loss and support for the immune system. Add improved coordination and memory, better sleep and a calm disposition, we can understand why Yoga is so popular and highly regarded.

Whether you are a beginner, a skilled practitioner, or already very familiar with the Danielle Davis* style, you will welcome Gaia’s & Danielle’s NEW Earth, Air and Fire three 20 minute Yoga classes available now on Gaia’s online shop. Please follow the link – to purchase.

The three classes each have motivational sequences that are a perfect practice to get you moving to regain some of the flexibility and strength you may have lost as you snuggled indoors through winter.

Gaia has also recently introduced group and private class Pilates into its repertoire. Pilates is a marvellous practice for building core strength and can be a wonderful adjunct to Yoga. See our new Focus Add-On packages for more details.

Both Yoga and Pilates can be very relaxing by directing your attention away from your mind’s chatter as you focus on your breathing, whilst moving your body into effective positions to increase your strength and flexibility. With the focus on your breath, your body moves its responsiveness from the Sympathetic to the Para-Sympathetic Nervous System.

The Sympathetic Nervous System keeps us on high alert through our fight or flight response. For most of us this system is constantly activated by our fast-paced environment, stress and digital communications that always seem to surround and bombard us.

The Parasympathetic Nervous System, however is your “I’m ok” softer, quieter side. This is the relaxation response of the autonomic nervous system enabling you to feel at peace, often even blissful after a great practice. Both, Yoga and Pilates are wonderful ways to unwind, clear your thoughts, quieten the brain and destress.

The start of Summer is also the perfect time to review your diet as the need for warming, comfort food carbohydrates drops away and all the delicious fruits come into season. We are so lucky in Australia that mouth-watery fruits grow so abundantly enabling us to source organic grapes, watermelon, papayas and mouth-watering mangoes so easily.

The change of seasons is also a fantastic time for a detox, even if just for a few days. One of the easiest and most delicious detox styles is just to eat fruit and drink fresh, clean water for two to three days. Or when you next come to Gaia our Naturopaths can create a detox program to suit you, changing it up with smoothies, juices and broths.

Always consult your doctor or Naturopath before undertaking a fast, especially if you never have before.

Wishing you all the very best as you dive into Spring,

Danielle Davis
Gaia Head Yoga Teacher

*Danielle Davis has been honoured to be the principal yoga teacher at the Gaia Retreat & Spa for over 12 years.

Visit to order the NEW Yoga DVD  Earth – Air – Fire Vinyasa Yoga classes.

Each class is a creative and accessible blend of intelligent sequencing showcasing Danielle’s unique ability to create strength, flexibility, awareness and energy, with a focus on alignment and breath. Perfect as a personal practice, each class is different yet complimenting the others, it’s like having Danielle practising in your own home with you.