Top Tips for a Healthy Autumn

Summer has gone and along with it the automatic tendency to be outdoors, eat light and healthy meals and have a spring in your step. As we head into the cooler months our tendencies can be swayed towards comfort food and spending more time on the couch. Here are our top tips to keep you feeling great this autumn.

  •   Keep moving – if you don’t feel like getting outdoors or the weather doesn’t permit, grab an exercise or yoga DVD you can do at home or join the local gym and get social. Our recommendation – Yoga with Danielle Davis see HERE
  •   Boost your immunity – there are many ways to do this with supplements such as Echinacea, Astragalus or a good Probiotic. However, the most important thing to remember is that your health begins in the digestive system, so eat regular healthy meals and don’t overdo it.
  •   Eat well – Following Ayurvedic principles is beneficial such as eating mainly cooked and stew-like meals, eating at the same times every day (routines), eating food that is in season. Cook ‘healthy versions’ of your favourite comfort foods. For example, choose gluten free pasta instead of white wheat. Gaia Cuisine HERE
  •   Sweat it out at a sauna – saunas cleanse your skin, increase circulation, open up your airways and sinuses, ease muscle and rheumatic pain, strengthen your immune system, improve joint movement and act as a great stress release for tension.
  •   Get lots of rest – getting enough sleep is vital to ensure the body has time to recalibrate and recover from the day. Find some quiet moments during the day to just breathe and relax, a quick ten-minute tea break outdoors can do wonders.
  •   Stay warm – dress appropriately so your body doesn’t have to expend extra energy trying to keep warm. Traditional Chinese Medicine recommends keeping the kidneys and neck protected from the cold and wind to ensure you don’t become ill.

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