Winter Pleasures

We are truly blessed here at Gaia in the subtropical hinterland of Byron Bay. Some may even suggest Winter is already over as we have passed the shortest day of the year and it has been so mild lately. But for most in Australia and New Zealand the cold is still chilling bones and outdoor pleasure time is restricted. Winter has a wonderful upside though; we get to enjoy hot fragrant baths, snuggle under soft blankets and wear that favourite comfy jumper. The longer nights also support getting more rest, which can bring with it more time for reflection, for books, music and the joys of contemplating the dance of an open flame.

A couple of simple Tips to help you get the most out of the Winter rest and recover time.

Warm up with mulled wine.

While you are snuggled up with a book, or even if you are still working late on your screen: a little mulled wine, of the non-alcoholic variety, can be shared by all, warming us from the inside out.

Simply add some nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, little ginger root, organic citrus peel and cup of honey to a few cups of water and bring to the boil for around five minutes. Let it simmer for another five minutes, then add a few cups of lemon and or lime juice that you have already gently heated and keep stirring till its bubbling. Add a couple of litres of a favourite strained fruit juice, preferably organic, such as your own freshly squeezed citrus, orange or healthy bottled grape juice, warm it all and voila, good old fashioned mulled wine.

The spices in this recipe are anti-inflammatory and warming with some even shown to improve blood sugar control. To add a little antioxidant health kick, you could even use pure organic red wine instead of water in this recipe, with the Pino Noir varieties being best suited for mullet wine.

Baths, oils, candles and mirrors.

If you have a bath and love it, make the most of it in these long evenings, deliciously scent the water with pure essential oils and fortify it with magnesium to absorb transdermally to benefit your mood. Two or three drops of pure essential lavender oil dropped on a cup of magnesium bath salts works a treat for mental and physical relaxation as well as a good night’s sleep.

Use candles, bright flowers and throws to brighten up your spaces. Place mirrors to reflect natural light into darker areas during the day and to catch candle and lamp light at night.

Post-Solstice Health Check

When Spring arrives we all want to be ready to make the most of the fresh, vibrant energies and enjoy every minute within our own personal best wellness. Gaia’s skilled Naturopaths use sophisticated analytical tools such as Live Blood Analysis, Iridology and specific consultation questioning to help determine your internal physical conditions.

Current understandings are revealing that internal inflammation is indicated in a large number of the common disease states of our time. When inflamed conditions are discovered early, the body is able to follow remedial and lifestyle adjustments that can reverse the trend restoring the body to good health and balance and averting common, modern ailments. One of the pleasures of a Naturopathic consultation at Gaia is that sometimes you learn just what you are doing right, putting more wind under your wings to take the next steps toward achieving optimal wellbeing.

Gift Yourself a Winter Indulgence

Gift yourself a Hot Stone Massage, perfect anytime, but especially yummy and nurturing in Winter. The ancient healing ritual of Hot Stone Massage is one of our guests’ cool weather favourites. Perfectly shaped for massage, smooth flat basalt rocks are heated to a perfect temperature to ease tight muscles and elicit the ‘Aaah’ response. The warmth of the stones reaches deep into muscle tension, increasing circulation whilst melting away tightness and stress. The stones are then integrated expertly into a full body massage. Your skin is first anointed in warm, macadamia oil allowing the therapist to use their hands and the stones in a unique combination of long, relaxing movements and deep pressure. Cold stones are a precious addition if required to reduce inflammation, nerve sensitivity and pain.

Gaia’s Hot Stone Massage is a holistic treatment that nurtures and reenergises. It can also be the perfect Winter nurture choice for couples to enjoy together; especially with the addition of an invigorating circuit in the sauna, hot tub and warm pool, followed by a nutritious lunch.

Winter indulgence at its best…!

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