Yoga for Bone Health

Yoga is often associated with stretching and becoming more flexible, however the extensive physical benefit of yoga (one of the eight limbs) is often underappreciated. Practising yoga strengthens not only our muscles but our bones as well, and as we age bone health becomes increasingly essential for our overall health and longevity.

Once we arrive to the glorious 30’s, our muscle mass begins to diminish and in our 40s our bone density diminishes too, accelerating as we get older. Osteo cells (bone cells) require weight bearing exercises to encourage the body’s process of eating away old bone (Osteoclasts) and replacing it with new bone (Osteoblasts).

When we are young, our whole skeleton is replaced approximately every 7 years, but as we get older this process slows down. Our bodies being to operate on old bone, and this is when “Osteo” diseases and injuries can start to happen.

The good news? Lifting weights is an excellent way to strengthen muscles and bones and in yoga we do this by lifting the weight of our own body as we move through various postures. This practise helps to keep the whole body flexible, strong and feeling young and vibrant.

Eating a healthy, natural diet that focuses on protein and calcium is also important for healthy strong bones and muscles. When you lift the weight of your own body, you start to look at what you’re eating and drinking, trying to avoid lifting any extra body weight on the yoga mat the next day!

If you’re looking to incorporate a muscle and bone strengthening yoga practise into your exercise routine, you can download our Yoga Earth-Air-Fire video or purchase the DVD on our website. The video features 3 x 20 minute sequences that focus on many weight bearing postures.

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