Your Retreat, Your Choice

Our Gaia Retreat team prides itself on being able to tailor your stay to your needs, be that be accessibility, dietary, spa treatments or our huge array of activities to choose from. We share a taste of how you can get the most value from your stay by revealing the numerous activities you can join each week… it’s our most frequently asked question!

Open Activities

These are activities you can drop into as soon as you arrive, you’ll find a sign-up sheet in our restaurant. We offer a range of regular yoga, pilates and exercises classes, and compliment this with the following…

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Open Activities

Forage & Graze – a walking tour lead by our organic gardeners sharing tips & tricks, and the very best of seasonal produce.

Cooking Class – enjoy an intimate cooking experience with our esteemed chefs as they take you through our kitchen favourites, and ways to elevate your own home cooking.

Pilates – Mat Pilates to strengthen and align the body as led by our trained instructors, suitable for all experience and fitness levels.

World Rhythms Dance – Dance is a wonderful means to express, alleviate stress, strengthen your core, and connect with others while learning the basic moves and grooves of World Dance styles such as Reggaeton, Salsa, Brazilian Samba, Afro Caribbean and more.

Cacao & Sound Healing – Engaging with chocolate in its purest form, raw cacao, in ceremony can promote inner healing. Cacao has the potential to guide and is used to gently touch your heart and to invite you to dive into an inner journey into the emotional centre of our body. Your instructor will guide you with the shamanic drum and finish with a soothing sound meditation.

The hours between our open activities is free for your pampering and relaxation – enjoy our Day Spa treatments, exploring the grounds, or use this time for your own personalised activities. Choose from our One on One or Gaia Guidance Sessions as listed below.

Optional Activities

One on One 

These additional sessions are designed to offer personalised support for your retreat experience. Choose from personal Private Training sessions, Yoga, Pranayama Breathing, Meditation, Qigong or our World Rhythms Dance sessions.

Gaia Guidance

These are practices give you time to dive into the depths of your potential, as lead by our trained wellness coaches. Choose to enjoy a personalised Sound Healing Journey, Astrology, Tarot, Astrology & Tarot, Cacao Ceremony, Colour Therapy, Art Therapy & Human Design.

Speak with our Reception team to find out more about your activity opportunities and get the greatest value from your retreat stay, your way.